DUST MAGAZINE and SOUVENIR OFFICIAL collaborated on a statement hoodie to express support for freedom in Ukraine and its people — a message that can be worn, a sentiment that should never fade. 100% of this collaboration proceeds are going towards humanitarian aid for minoritised people and communities in Ukraine.

The design is simple. In this collaboration, SOUVENIR’s classic EUnify logo features an additional twelfth star that bears the colours of the Ukrainian national flag. While the EUnify logo, launched after the imbalance caused by Brexit, initially depicted the EU flag with a missing twelfth star — here the completion of the ring of stars stands once more for the ideals of unity, solidarity and harmony among citizens of Europe.

Following the recent Russian aggression, Ukraine has taken bold measures to further anchor itself to the rest of Europe. “Our goal is to be together with all Europeans and, most importantly, to be on an equal footing. I’m sure it’s fair. I’m sure it’s possible. Prove that you are with us. Prove that you will not let us go!”, said Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky while appealing to the EU to allow Ukraine to gain membership under a special procedure.

The European Parliament endorsed Ukraine’s membership application on March 1st, and even though the transition to full membership is still years away — our hope, along with the people in Ukraine, is in this perspective of freedom and peace. 

While wishing for immediate negotiations to end this unjust war, we profoundly support Ukraine’s efforts to be part of Europe, knowing that any EU applicant country has to respect human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law, human rights, including the rights of minoritised people, a pluralistic society, while further supporting non-discriminatory politics that promote tolerance, justice, solidarity and equality between women and men. We stand united with the people of Ukraine.

While we encourage people to directly donate to the main charities providing humanitarian relief to refugees fleeing Ukraine, our efforts are both specific and symbolic.

100% of all proceeds will go to two associations focusing on supporting minoritised people and communities.

KyivPride, an LGBTQ+ Ukrainian non-governmental organisation active on the frontline in helping LGBTQ+ people directly with means for food and relocation. KyivPride’s platform for aid and support now unites over 150 people, and they have created a database of organisations and individuals who offer shelter and transportation in Europe, and it’s steadily growing each day. KyivPride further run a psychological support group for LGBTQ+ people. They recently stated, “We remain strong. We are not intimidated. Putin will break all his teeth trying to bite us. We have left far behind the past to which he seeks to draw us. We are a country that has chosen the values of human rights, humanity, life and personality. Putin lives in the past. He has a place there.”

Black Women for Black Lives is an association on the ground that rescue Black lives, especially students, who are facing racialised discrimination and injustice while trying to leave Ukraine.

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