DUST ISSUE #19 SUN RISING F/W21 – Cover #10


COVER #10 – Fall / Winter 2021
Thomas, Daan and Fernando wear Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello

DUST #19 - Sun Rising DUST 19 marks the 10th anniversary of the magazine, which launched in the second half of 2011. Pushing past the latest issues’ conceptual drive, this special issue is conceived in a book-like form, and revolves around a single narrative; purely visual; told in one breath by the photographer Willy Vanderperre and stylist Olivier Rizzo. This project represents the culmination of the seven-years-and-14-stories-long collaboration between DUST and the prolific duo that has defined each step in DUST’s journey since 2014. This 400-page-long story stands halfway between the perfect synthesis of their work for DUST and its greatest leap forward. DUST 19 is the outcome of their research reaching its climax—the extreme consequence of a modus operandi put in place during the years and the mastering of a known language employed towards distillation, purity and essence. Each image confronts a ceaseless quest for uncontaminated and ultimate beauty, not because of an intellectual effort to further ennoble or romanticise the practice of fashion photography, but because the matter of this investigation is viscerally personal. In this body of work, everything seems to be integrated and reimagined in a perspective that has become more apparent by addressing the uneasiness of today’s youth. This is an archetypal story of new beginnings and rising suns.