The Prayer Book is the DUST agenda, diary and yearly art book publication. A logbook divided into 12-month chapters, to note progression, internal states and notes of the personal journey throughout the year.

“For your evenings to come.
To outline the thoughts and all the feelings
when you are down or when you are dreaming.
Wherefore, like these reflections of you
this year shall pass too
yes, it shall pass too”


Product Description


An Art Book, a Breviary, a Diary, an Agenda, a Calendar


With the contributions of:
Brett Lloyd, Tyrone Lebon, Will McBride, Peter De Potter, Nicola Samorí, Arthur Tress, Lina Scheynius, Benjamin Alexander Huseby, Michael Mayren, Alessio Boni, Hanna Putz, Toyin Ibidapo, Heinz Peter Knes, Bruna Kazinoti, Walter Pfeiffer, Salvatore Caputo, Ruth Erdt, Jack Pierson, Ingar Krauss, Matthias Hamann, Daniel Riera, Harley Weir, Sonya Kydeeva and Luciano Bartolini

words: Luigi V.

Limited Edition


152 pag
12 postcards full color




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