VOL.1 + VOL.2
400 pages


Aminullah Adel, Mania Akbari, Joobin Bekhrad, Blommers and Schumm, Jack Borkett, Gedvile Bunikyte, Hisham Bustani, Paride Calvia, Coco Capitan, Pierre-Ange Carlotti, Marina Chamma, Sanna Charles, Michal Chelbin, Winston Chmielinski, Mac Folkes, Michele Fossi, Elizabeth Fraser-Bell, Demna Gvasalia, Tim Heyduck, Ibi Ibrahim, Greta Ilieva, Zeynab Izadyar, Ai Kamoshita, Yousef Khalifa, George Kurian, Brett Lloyd, Lava Mahmood, Vito Mancuso, Mauricio Nardi, Nahed Nassr, Jurgi Persoons, Stefano Pilati, Reda Qero, Aliaa Rafea, Olivier Rizzo, Eugene Rogan, Veera Rustomji, Slavs and Tatars, Tara St Hill, Ronald Stoops, Tom Van Dorpe, Patrick Van Ommeslaeghe, Winter Vandenbrink, Willy Vanderperre, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee,
Agnès Villette, Simone Zoppellaro


Product Description


The issue 9th of DUST, out in April 2016, plays with the persian words DUST DASHTAN to talk about the relation beween the west and the middle east

DUST (doost)  = Dust is Persian means friend  دوست 

DUST DASHTAN (doost dashtan)  =  Dust Dashtan in Persian means to love, or to like  دوست داشتن 

دوست (doost) Noun A friend دوست آن باشد که گیرد دست دوست در پریشان حالی و در ماندگی ; Prov. A friend in need is a friend indeed.


Cover Story by Willy Vanderperre and Olivier Rizzo

Dior Homme Special Story by Michal Chelbin and Mauricio Nardi

Jurgi Persoons Special Story by Ronald Stoops, Patrick Van Ommeslaeghe, Inge Grognard and Jurgi Persoons

“The Age Of Madness” by Brett Lloyd and Tom Van Dorpe

“Nowhere To Go” by Pierre-Ange Carlotti and Demna Gvasalia

“Durar Mufassalat” by Blommers & Schumm and Elizabeth Fraser Bell

“Till the Cows Come Home” by Coco Capitan and Tara St Hill

“Roads and Kingdoms” by Paride Calvia and Ai Kamoshita

“How Come You Only Want Tomorrow” by Greta Ilieva and Jack Borkett

“The Flowers That Has Once Blown Forever Dies” by Sanna Charles and Mauricio Nardi


10 Stories from The Midlle East. A series of ten original short stories from 10 different middle eastern writers.

“The Good Force Of Being” a conversation with the philosopher and theologian Vito Mancuso about God, Islam, Freedom and Action (view here)

“Earlier We Were Allowed To Dream” a dialogue between Stefano Pilati and Mac Folkes about the current state of fashion, classical sculptures and the dressed body

“A Million Chances To Meet Yoursel Again” anecdotal piece by Winston Chmielinski about the refugee crisis

“Love in Action” a conversation with Aliaa Rafea about the proactive role of women in spirituality, politic and culture in the middle east

“Slavs and Tatars” a conversation with the art collective -Slavs and Tatars- exploring the co-existence and conflicts between te population inhabiting the area spanning from the former Berlin Wall and the Great Wall of China

“The Fall of the Ottoman Empire” a conversation with Eugene Rogan about the fall of the Ottoman Empire and its legacy on the middle east today

“How to Activate the Heart” a conversation with the Sufi Maser Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee about Islam, contemporary society and spiritual ecology

“Children Of The Revolution” Joobin Bekharad piece about Iranian youth, from the 1979 revolution to the 2009 election


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