DUST ISSUE #7 Axis Mundi

260 Pages

Willy Vanderperre, Olivier Rizzo, Peter De Potter, Bruna Kazinoti, Matthew Stone, Matthew Josephs, Niki Pauls, Benjamin Kirchhoff, Thomas Lohr, Jack Borkett, Robi Rodriguez, Tom Van Dorpe, Brett Lloyd, Sonya Kydeeva, Bernard Dubois, Scott Treleaven, Salvatore Caputo, David Ord, Dan Thawley, Franco Berardi, Gedvile Bunikyte, Amos Badertscher, Hunter O’Hanian, Michele Fossi, Viatcheslav Mukhanov, Cesare Alemanni, Ibrahim Nehme,Bill Orcutt, Johanna Constantine, Jean-Gabriel Périot, Klaus Vom Bruch, Eugenio Viola, Jaanus Samma, Matteo Pasquinelli, Rabbi Barbara Aiello, M. Sims, Jessica Charlotte Crowe, Ophelia Finke, Laurent Grasso, Aldo Radrizzani, Nancy Ellen Abrams, Hazel Hill McCarthy III,  Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Will Mcbride.

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The 7th issue of DUST, out in March 2015, discuss about challenging our personal “cosmology”. Axis Mundi, in mythology and in history of religions, is the pillar that connects the sky and the earth, the connection between our abstract understanding of reality and the materialization we make of it. Starting from here we discuss that, whether we want it or not, our perception and idea about the cosmos define our very existence.” 


Cover Story by Willy Vanderperre and Olivier Rizzo

Saint Laurent F/W 15 Special Story by Thomas Lohr and Jack Borkett

“Two Beggars And Two Hands” by Peter De Potter

“The Souls around us” by Amos Badertscher

“Before We Had Cultivated The Mind We Were Not Fools” by Sonya Kydeeva

Story by Matthew Stone and Matthew Josephs

Story by Brett Lloyd and Tom Van Dorpe

Story by Robi Rodriguez and Mauricio Nardi

Story by Bruna Kazinoti and Mauricio Nardi

Story by Salvatore Caputo and Niki Pauls

Photography and Paiting by Scott Treleaven


“A View From The Center Of The Universe” a conversation with Nancy Ellen Abrams about a new scientific view on God, the Cosmos and our place within it

“What is The Meaning Of Life?” a piece by David Robert Ord about life and its meaning

“Feminism In Times Of Ecstasy and Crisis” a conversation with -Future Feminism- member Johanna Constantine

“Personal Cosmologies” a conversation with Bernard Dubois about contemporary ways of living, information technology and architecture

“The Eye Of The Master” a piece by Matteo Pasquinelli about algorithms, metadata society and the idea of Axis Mundi

“Chaosmotic Individuation and Morphogenic Vibration” a piece by Franco berardi about chaos, new orders and collectivity

“Center Of The Center; Axis Mundi And The Impartial Observer” by Matt Sims about the concept of the center and the relation of the Self with it

“Not Suitable For Work” a conversation with Jaanus Samma about his project for the 56th Venice Biennale and about homosexuality in Soviet Estonia

“Skytones Or The Romance Of Industry” a conversation with Ophelia Finke about hyper-reality and sculptures

“Cosmic Inflation” a conversation with Viatcheslav Mukhanov about the Big Bang, the universe and his personal upbringing during Soviet times

“Une Jeunesse Allemande” a conversation with Jean-Gabriel Perriot and Klaus Bruch about the Red Army Faction, Terrorism and political engagement

“What´s Happening? What´s Not Happennig? What Could Happen” a conversation with IbrhaimNehme about the Middle East, possibilities and the new generation

“Double Sun” a conversation with Laurent Grasso about his art, the idea of centrality and vertigo

“Love Is What Remains” a conversation with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge about the search for truth, Voodoo rituals and the supremacy of Love


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