DUST ISSUE #6 Mutitude


Willy Vanderperre, Olivier Rizzo, Peter De Potter, Bruna Kazinoti, Arthur Tress, Harley Weir, Benjamin Kirchhoff, Karol Radziszewski, Thomas Lohr, Leon Mark, Ruben Moreira, Salvatore Caputo, Brett Lloyd, Mark Kean, Fanny Latour-Lambert, Hanna Putz, Sonya Kydeeva, Perry Ogden, Jack Pierson,Travis Jeppesen, David Ord, Francesca Marcaccio, Ruth Maclennan, Nathaniel Marcus, Magda Indiveri, Inma Benedito, Dan Thawley, Yves Citton, Franco Berardi, Timothy Palma, David Degner, Gedvile Bunikyte, Marco Pezzotta, Silvia Bombardini, Paul Hawken, Enno Schmidt, Kazi Mali, Kris Van Assche 


Product Description

The 6th issue of DUST, out in May 2014, focused on the concept of multitude.

“The multitude is the form of our generation, a plurality of people united under any pre-existing definitions. Together only for the ability to share information. Together without the need to belong. We don’t rely on the identity given to us by a national state, a territorial tradition, a social class or social movement. Our identity is mainly built upon our idea of self. The self is the engine of the multitude. The self is where the reality lays. 

If we don’t reformulate our mindset we end up as a domesticated multitude. Faceless people unable to change the paradigm and direction of the present. The system is already immune to the protests of the multitude. Not because we are not organized, but because we don’t know what we fight against. Because we don’t know where the heart of power is located.

We should instead understand the logic of power as equations vaporized in the air we breathe, in the language we use, becoming part of us. We internalize all dynamics that keep the system spinning. It’s on us to make the abstraction real, on us to make the enemy present. The heart of the logic of power lays within us, within our relations.

The self is the place where we can subvert the logic of power, where we can reformulate a more meaningful reality, where we can dismantle and redefine our values, selves and relations.   We are individuals of the multitude, the power lays in each one of us. The power is us.”


Cover Story by Willy Vanderperre and Olivier Rizzo

“My Blood Tomorrow Land” Dior Homme Special Story by Peter De Potter

“Untitled” by Sonya Kydeeva

“Untitled” by Harley Weir and Benjamin Kirchoff

“Krystian” by Karol Radziszewski

“Untitled” By Luigi and Luca with Paolo Zagoreo

“Untitled” by Thomas Lohr and Paolo Zagoreo

“Show Me” by Hanna Putz

“Untitled” by Salvatore Caputo and Paolo Zagoreo

“Untitled” by Perry Ogden

“Untitled” by Fanny Latour Lambert and Mauricio Nardi

“Untitled” by Mark Kean and Paolo Zagoreo

“Untitled” by Brett Lloyd and Paolo Zagoreo

“Untitled” by Salvatore Caputo and Paolo Zagoreo

“Untitled” by Bruna Kazinoti and Mauricio Nardi

“Untitled” by Jack Pierson

“Theater Of The Mind” by Arthur Tress

“Hail To The Players” by Luigi Vitali and Paolo Zagoreo


“Multitude” a conversation with Yves Citton about modern myths, today masses and the tasks of the new generation

“The Uprising” a conversation with Franco Berardi about poetry as revolution, semiotization of finance and new processes of imagination

“Tien, Dix, Ten” a conversation with Kris Van Asshe about the ten anniversary of his brand

“One Are Masses” a piece by Marco Pezzotta about political antagonism, multitude, global society and individuals

“The Revolution has no leader” a conversation with David Degner about his work as photojournalist documenting the Egypt revolution

“The Mother Of Creativity” a focus on the Crimea War (1853-1856) as the first modern war and the first conflict to be documented by the photographic medium

“Theodosia” a conversatino with Ruth Maclennan about Russia, Crimea and visual narratives

“Blessed Unrest” a conversation with Paul Hawken about environmental activism, the responsibility of the individual and  natural capitalism

“The oneness That Empowers Diversity” a piece by David Ord about community, cooperation and the core of spirituality

“On Poetry” a conversation with Kazim Ali about contemporary poetry, social media and new readers

“Theater of Mind” a conversation with Arthur Tress about his photography and 50 years long career

“Untitled” a  conversation with Enno Schmidt about basic income, self-management and the role of the individual in the multitude

“Each Man Is Every Men” a piece by Magda Indiveri about the idea of masses in European culture


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