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Charlotte Ballesteros, Alessio Boni, Adam Bucko, Gohar Dashti, Nikos Dimou, Ruth Erdt, Christian Falsnaes, Alina Gutkina, Fanny Gonella, James Heartfield, Dr. Kurt Johnson, Kim Jones, Bruna Kazinoti, Heinz Peter Knes, Sonya Kydeeva, Brett Lloyd, Luigi And Luca, Alister Mackie, Leon Mark, Will Mcbride, Rory Mcentee, David Meskhi, Mauricio Nardi, Solvej Ovesen,David Robert Ord, Timothy Palma, Niki Pauls, Romualdas Požerskis, Benyamin Reich, Caroline Robert, Nicolás Santos, Dan Thawley, Tom Tosseyn, Arvydas Umbrasas, Joost Vandebrug, Eva Vuillemin, Paolo Zagoreo


Product Description

The 5th issue of DUST, out in December  2013, focused on interpersonal relationships and the idea of “us”.

“There’s a difference between a generation who has learned to say “me” and a generation who knows to say “us.” This difference changes everything. The separation is clear: The first one has learned that everything revolves around them and that through competition they can, in solitude, reach their goal.

The second has realized that they are interconnected to one another, beyond what they can individually conceive and that through collaboration they can, together, fulfill their aspirations. The desire is similar. the results are opposed. One results in isolation, the other in cooperation. One pretends. one builds.

From spheres personal to national, moral to economic, these dynamics are inscribed in the individuals. Where does one stand when at the end of the day the world is not just a reflection of “me,” but more broadly, a reflection of “us”? Whether we live or we die,we’ll do it together.” 


Cover Story by Will McBride

Dior Homme Special Story at Fondation Le Corbusier by Bruna Kazinoti and Mauricio Nardi

 Prada Special Story by Leon Mark and Mauricio Nardi

“Boredom Or Something That Resists Analysis” by Sonya Kydeeva

“Time and Effort” by Brett Lloyd and Alister Mackie

“Heroic Time” by Heinz Peter Knes

“What´s Your Name I Asked” by Benjamin Reich

“Impossible Distance / Unbuilt New World” by David Meskhi

“You Are Looking At Me As You Know Me” by Ruth Erdt

“I Woke Up At 8 a.m. I Went For A Walk And I Came Back Thinking We Are Not So Different After All” by Luigi and Luca with Niki Pauls


“The Coming Of The Interspiritual Age” a conversation with Dr. Kurt Johnson, David Robert Ord, Rory Mcentee and Adam Bucko about inter-spirituality and the new generation

“The Baltic Way” a historical focus on the political demonstration against Soviet Union that occurred on 23 August 1989 when two million people joined their hands to form a human chain spanning 675 kilometres across the three Baltic states – Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

“On Printed Matter And Football Pros” a conversation with Kim Jones about the project he did with Alasdair Mclellan in 2005 for Umbro in the favelas of Sao Paulo

“Iran, Untitled” a conversation with Gohar Dashti about her art practice in Iran

“Speculative Realism” a conversation with Graham Harman about his work and the idea of ‘us’ in politic and philosophy

“On The Unhappiness Of Being Greek” a conversation with Nikos Dimou about Greeks’s problems from past to present

“The European Union And The End Of Politics” a conversation with James Heartfield about national identities, failing politics and the future of European Union

“We Fell In Love Alone On A Stage In The Reflective Age” a conversation with Caroline Robert about her work for Arcade Fire´s album -Reflektor-

“Cinci Lei” a piece about Joost Vandebrug’s documentary book art directed by Dust Magazine about the street kids of Bucharest


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