256 pages

Charlotte Ballesteros, Edmund Baranowski, Inma Benedito, Justin L. Barrett, Damien Blottiere, Silvia Bombardini, Salvatore Caputo, Andrea Chelli, J.D. Taylor, Andrej Dubrawsky, Dan Estabrook, Philip Franses, Lea Golda Holterman, Toyin Ibidapo, Magada Indiveri, Travis Jeppesens, Sonya Kydeeva, Brett Lloyd, Luigi and Luca, Jean Michel Clerc, Ismael Moumin, Niki Pauls, Walter Pfeffer, Hanna Putz, Simon Pylyser, Lilian Munk Rosing, Gosha Rubkinsky, Nicolas Santos, Lina Scheynius, Markus Schinwald, Matthew Stone,Eugenio Viola, Chad Wys, Paolo Zagoreo, Honza Zamojski, Martin Ziemniak.


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This issue topic is ‘the choice’ and it’s inspired and dedicated to the philosopher Soren Kierkegaard. The issue came out in May 2013 during the 200th anniversary of his birthday.

Kierkegaard bases his view on life on drastic choices, where the choice of a path exclude the other: Either this or that. The latin phrase –Aut Aut- is an expression that indicates this radical choice, and it’s used to translate the title of his main book –Either/or-. While ‘Out’ and ‘Aut’ have the same sound we decided to call the issue OUT – OUT; underling that the urgent choice our generation has to do is to find a way out from our current way of thinking.

The issue is structured in three main parts, which are the three different choices or stages that Kierkegaard elaborates in his works.

The aesthetic life is one of passion, desire and whim. This view is about pleasure, seduction, drama, and beauty. The aesthetic is the personal, subjective realm of existence, where an individual lives and extracts pleasure from life only for his or her own sake.

The ethical life is more inclined to discipline and order. This is where an individual begins to take on a true direction in life, becoming aware of and personally responsible for good and evil and forming a commitment to oneself and others.

Faith is for Kierkegaard the most important task to be achieved by a human being, because only on the basis of faith an individual has a chance to become a true self. In this perspective the only way to make life worthwhile is to embrace the faith in the divine, and that faith necessarily involves embracing the absurd.


“Life and Art” photography by Greg Gorman with a conversation between Marina Abramovic and Eugenio Viola

“Out-Out” by Luigi and Luca with Marina Abramovic

“The Choice” a text by Magda Indiveri about Kierkegaard, the action of choosing and modern culture


Aesthetic Stage

“I Stopped When I began” by Andrej Dubrawsky

“In The Bathroom Of The Civilitory Orange Spot, A Nightclub. The Pope Appears” a short story by Travis Jeppessens

“Rotation of Crops” Givenchy Special Story by Damien Blotierre and Jean Michel Clerc

“The Tragic Is Alwasy The Tragic” by Chad Wys

“The Immediate Erotic Stage” by Walter Pfeiffer

“An Ecstatic Discourse” by Lina Scheynus

“The One Half I Sleep The Other One I Dream” by Sonya Kydeeva

“Diapsalmata” Saint Laurent Story by Luigi and Luca with Niki Pauls


Ethic Stage 

“In The Course Of Time The Uniformity Has Something Anesthetizing About It” works and words by Markus Shinwald

“Uprising 1944” a historical focus about youth during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944 with an interview of the survivor Edmund Baranowski

“It Is The Law For All Rotation The Movement Between Forgetting And Recollecting” by Gosha Rubchinsky

“Last Night” a written piece by Timothy Wood Palma

“All Will Be Acquired In Stillness” by Ismael Moumin

“Negative Capitalism” a conversation with J.D.Taylor about power, growing anxieties and democracy

“Bonds Of Blood” by Brett Lloyd

“Duty, Enjoment and Love” an essay by Lilian Munk Rösing about Kierkegaard idea on Love and Enjoyment

“N. & N.” by Hanna Putz

“Jewish Life” by Lea Golda Holterman

“Out, Out, Brief Candle” Dolce & Gabbana story by Luigi and Luca with Paolo Zagoreo

“Ultimatum, The Upbuilding That Lies In The Thought That In Relation To God We Are Always In The Wrong” by Toyin Ibidapo


Religious Stage  

“Born Believers” a conversation with Justin L. Barrett about the conceptualization of religious idea, developmental psychology and human brain

“Holistic Science” a conversation with Philip Franses about science, the idea of wholeness, spirituality and a different mindset for the new generation

“They That sow In Tears Shall Reap In Joy” graphics from Givenchy ss 2013



“Undercurrent I” by Salvatore Caputo and Paolo Zagoreo

“Undercurrent II” by Salvatore Caputo and Simon Pylyster


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