240 pages

Nicola Samorí, Peter De Potter, Gosha Rubchinskiy, Luke Smalley, Adi Nes, Luis Artemio De Los Santos, Joost Vandebrug, Perry Ogden, Michael Mayren, Ingar Kraus, Oleg Videnin, Matteo Giordano, Alexander Aksakov, Michal Cheblin, Synchrodogs, Michael Salerno, Sanja Bistricic, Maya Aoife, Nicolas Santos,  Luca Finotti, Alain De Botton, Marc James Leger, Charles Lum, Warbear, Tomas Hemstad, Albert Hofer, Silvia Bombardini, Sam Nallen Copley, Victoria Rosa Florez-estrada, Eric Rhein , Stuart Griffiths, Eugenio Viola


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The third issue of DUST, out in October 2012, focused on losses, traumas and resilience.

“1789 – 2012/ We are the sons of eighty nine,/ We are your guilt, we are the things we’ve lost. But we carry the will. / Revolution / Stagnation / Don’t point out the rules, don’t point out the path. Paths are not to be shared, paths are not to be taught/ You steal our dreams and time pursuing the lie/ We already burn down the fags, we already tear down the prison. / Keep it, keep it./ We don’t buy your rules not even your way to break them you taught us to be images, you taught us to be flesh.

We are the sons of zero nine / we tell you we are words we tell you we are feelings./ Your present wasn’t indulgence and freedom, but another illusion we grow trough./ Take it back, take it back. / We act, here and now, cause we know the question,/ You react, here and there, cause you though you found the answer./ Point out the final aim, point out the destination/ Destination is the one to share, Destination is the one to be taught./ Stagnation / Revolution/ We are the sons of eighty nine, We are the seeds, we are the roots but we carry the scars.”



“The Things That We Lost” by Michael Salerno

“Paintings” by Nicola Samorí

“Sculpture of Man II” by Peter De Potter

“ILAVU” by Luis Artemio De Los Santos

“Russia” by Gosha Rubchinskiy

“A Life in Tunnels” by Joost Vandebrug

“Liam and Paddy” by Perry Ogden

“Lee and Ryan” by Michael Mayren

“Hannah” by Ingar Kraus

“Bryansk” by Oleg Videnin

“Pedro” by Victoria Rosa Flores-Estrada

“Believe- Disobedience- Fighting” by Matteo Giordano

“Ireland” by Stuart Griffiths

“365 Dreams” by Alexander Aksakov

“Locked” by Michal Cheblin

“Ukraine” by Synchrodogs

“Israel” by Adi Nes

“Gymnasium/Exercise at home/Sunday Drive” by Luke Smalley

“Inner Scars” by Luca Finotti and Paolo Zagoreo



“Atheism 2.0” a conversation with Alain De Botton about his view on Atheism, Religions, and emotional guidance

“Brave New Avantgarde” a conversation with Marc James Leger about contemporary culture, anti-globalization, and new social movements

“A Climate of Catastrophe” text by Albert Hoffer about the spread of AIDS and the influence on Western society´s views on body and sexuality

“The Double Binds Of Truth” text by Warbear and Tomas Hemstad about HIV/AIDS, as virus, idea and social phenomenon, a critic of the marketing racket and the denialist movement.

“Party Poison” text by Charles Lum about pharmaceutical companies in America, HIV, and his personal experience from the 80s till today

“Leaves” text by Eric Rhein about his art practices during the last 25 years, after contracting HIV

“The Open Image” text by Eugenio Viola about beauty canons,  Modern Primitives and Body Art

“Phasmophobia” text by Sam Nallen Copley about political extremism, the fear of minorities and civil rights

“Pigs Disco” text by Stuart Griffiths about his experience in the military at the end of the 80s in northern Ireland

“365 Dreams” a conversation with Alexander Akasakov about his amatorial photography works while serving in the Russian Army

“The Village” a conversation with Adi Nes about Israel, biblical stories and tragedies

“Now What?” a text by William Oliver about Luke Smalley´s work


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