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Sergey Bratkov, Andrew Davies, Denis Darzacq, Peter De Potter,  Lea Golda Holtermann, Brett Lloyd, Thomas Lohr, Luigi&Luca, Mai Lucas,Will McBride,Kevin Amato, Karl Andersson, Simon Bøcker Mørch, Leo Maguire, Dean Mayo Davies, Michael Mayren, Stephen Morriss, Caroline Newell, Ilaria Norsa, William Oliver, Bru na Kazinoti, Paul Kwiatkowski, Karol Radziszewski, Gosha Rubchinskiy, Lady Tarin, Gavin Watson War Bear, Rupert Sheldrake, Mark Fisher


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The second issue of DUST , out in November 2011, continued the exploration on youth focusing on identity, sense of belonging and cultural roots.

“It´s the roots we plant with fits to repeat the silence that turned everything real, through which everything started to match. No world  has ever grown from disorder”




“Soldiers, Modern-day Butlers” by Lea Golda Holterman

“Pike View” by Michael Mayren

“Bloodline” by Leo Maguire

“Image Machine” by Peter De Potter

“The powerful Frame of Urbanism In Front Of Our Slight Passing Life” by Denis Darzacq

“People” by Mai Lucas

Story by Bruna Kazinoti

“And Everyday Was Overcast” by Paul Kwiatkowski

“Childhood in a communist country” by Serjey Bratkov

“Youth” by Gosha Rubchinskiy

“Family, skinheads and a Hanimex camera” unpublished early works by Gavin Watson

“Uli” by Will Mcbride

“Stay Lovely” by Kevin Amato

Story by Lady Tarin

“Jacob” by Simon Bocker Morch

“Beat and Beat It Out, Leave A Drum That Makes No Sounds” by Brett Lloyd

Story by Thomas Lohr and Andrew Davis

“Yet Another Year Passed By” by Luigi and Luca

“Identity is a human invention” by Lea Golda Holterman



“Peter De Potter” a text by William Oliver on PDP´s work

“South Florida 4/20/99 a text by Paul Kwiatkowski about his teenage years in South florida at the time of Columbine Massacre

“Serjey Bratkov” a conversation with S.B. about his work and upbringing in the Soviet era

“Gavin Watson” a conversation with G.W. about his childhood and the rising of the skinhead movemets

“Paul Morley” a conversation with P.M. about growing up in the 70s, social medias as the death of counter culture ideas and the status of today pop music

“Will McBride” a conversation with W.M. about his work in the 70s between photography and sculpture

“Performing The Crisis. A Warbear’s Guide To The End Of The World” a conversation with Francesco Macarone Palmieri about absence of meaning, neutrality, repudiation and the end of the world

“Where We Stand” a conversation with Mark Fisher about Capitalism Realism, the financial crisis and what we should learn from it

“Morphic Field” a conversation with Rupert Sheldrake about the cosmos as a living being, science delusion, holism, and the roots of western culture





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