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Jordi Gual, Greg Gorman, Holger Homann, Miguel Villalobos, Matthias Hamann, Benyamin Reich, Ryan Pfluger, Helen Korpak, Dorothee Smith, Iwajila Klinke, Lady Tarin, Alex Sainsbury, Kevin Amato, Slava Mogutin, Brian Kenny, Rafa Gallar, Diana Kunst, Komakino, Walter Van Beirendonck, Bruce Benderson, Travis Jeppesen, Luigi and Luca



Product Description

The first issue of DUST came out in April 2011, the focus was on youth and its role in the contemporary post-crisis world.

“We are confused about the way we weigh the value of an image, because we are confused about ourselves. We need a space to find and rethink ourselves, questioning our feelings in the first place. As a young generation who is scarred by a cultural and economic crisis that has a lot to teach, our determination should be to revindicate a new starting point through an understanding of the solidity of images, of reality, and of our identities. We find that this starting point is in the seed. The seed is the feeling”



Portfolio by Jordi Gual

Portfolio by Greg Gorman

Portfolio by Holger Homann

Portfolio by Miguel Villalobos

Portfolio by Matthias Hamann

Portfolio by Benyamin Reich

Portfolio by Ryan Pfluger

Portfolio by Helen Korpak

Portfolio by Dorothee Smith

Portfolio by Iwajila Klinke

Story by Lady Tarin

Story by Alex Sainsbury

Story by Kevin Amato

Portfolio by Slava Mogutin

Portfolio by Brian Kenny

Story by Rafa Gallar

Story by Diana Kunst



“The Generation Of The Seed” Dust Manifesto

“Interview” a conversation with Slava Mogutin and Brian Kenny about their art, their life and their saying on today challanges

“Interview” a conversation with Greg Gorman on his career, his muses and the digital revolution

“An Old Slut And A Young Hag Unearth The Truth in Youth” a conversation between Bruce Benderson and Travis Jeppesen about their view on youth

“Fashion Warriors” a conversation with Walter Van Beirendonck about Fears, Faith and Hopes, the new generation and the status of fashion

“The Eroic Stage Of Youth” a conversation with Komakino about youth from 1872 to today



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