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DUST MAGAZINE presents DUST CAPSULE / WEARABLE PAGES, an ongoing artistic project presented in the form of a clothing line, launched twice a year following the release of each new issue. For the first collection, one feature story from DUST #8 that re-presents the spirit and aesthetic of the magazine was chosen to be transformed into tangible, wearable clothing. In this case, we are honored to collaborate with the artist Peter De Potter – one of our favorite artists, whose works and singular vision have been featured in the magazine since its first issues.

The name “WEARABLE PAGES” can be taken literally: We have chosen De Potter’s recent outstanding series ‘Young King New Castle,’ exclusively published in DUST #8, to be transcribed in its entirety onto items of clothes, allowing his work to step from the printed page onto wearable pieces. The pleasure is no longer for the eyes alone, but can be felt closer to the skin itself. Every work in De Potter’s series contains a tension between an intimate interior world and one’s exterior surroundings. Desires, reflections of truth, illusions and perceptions of the self are represented in fragments; through their clashes and encounters, they delineate the layered complexity of experiencing youth. The limited edition DUST CAPSULE collection reproduces all 21 of the works in ‘Young King New Castle.’ Each vision is digitally printed as a motif on a designed fine cotton T-shirt; this release is only available in a few selected stores worldwide. The general DUST CAPSULE features a selection of images from the series, printed on different garments such as T-shirts, hoodies, sweaters and pants. Together with the creative team of DUST, Peter De Potter has been actively involved in the creative direction of both the clothing and its visual presentation. This collection, as will be for all future lines, has come to life in full collaboration with the chosen artist.

The high-end garments are made by specialized manufacturers in the north of Portugal to a high quality standard. Each item is designed by the brand and produced using the highest quality cotton. We are using a number of manufacturers who not only have their own distinct printing techniques, but who also share their expertise to deliver a superior quality garment.


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