La chose encadrée


‘La chose encadrée’

03.04.14 – 21.04.14

at SWG3 Gallery, Glasgow


Gabriele Beveridge, Paul Cowan,
Michael Krebber, Landon Metz, Jesse Moretti



La Chose Encadrée can be translated by ‘The framed thing’ ; but what is that ‘thing’ which happens to be framed? Is it the artwork itself or its meaning? The frame along with the plinth are themselves, artefacts, elements of the exhibiting process made to encourage the close observation of the work of art. A frame is commonly made of wood or metal, allowing the work to be shown, protected and to look even smarter. Obviously the frame can be different things and act differently to follow a specific purpose! In the case of a painting, an untouched part of the paper or canvas can play the role of frame, it can be self contained in the work and depends on the artist.
In a show, the frame can be the context, the history of the space, the surrounding pieces or the curatorial concept or even the publication that goes along with it. La chose encadrée will explore the idea of the frame as a playing field.


Gabriele Beveridge was born in 1985 in Hong Kong. She lives and work in London. Solo exhibitions of her work have been held at Supplement (London), Outpost (Norwich), Rod Barton (London), Van Horbourg (Zurich) and a major presentation of her work is on view at the Zabludowicz Collection in London until the 6th of April 2014.

Paul Cowan was born in 1985 in Kansas City. He lives and works in Milwaukee. Recent Solo exhibitions of his work have been held at Shane Campbell (New York) and Yound art (Mexico). A solo show of his work will open at Jonathan Viner in London on the 3rd of April and will last until the 6th of May 2014

Michael Krebber was born 1954 in Cologne where he lives and works. Recent solo presentations of his work have been held at Maureen Paley in London, CAPC in Bordeaux, Greene Naftali in New York, Galerie Daniel Bucholz in Berlin, Richard Telles Fine Art in Los Angeles, Real Fine Arts in New York, Kölnischer Kunstverein, Cologne.

Landon Metz was born in Phoenix, USA in 1985. Lives and works in New York. Solo exhibitions of his works have been held at Cooper Cole (Toronto), Torri (Paris) and Preteen Gallery (Mexico). His work his currently exhibited by Retrospective in a row House in Hudson in a show titled Michael Jackson Penthouse until the 13th of April.

Jesse Moretti was born in 1983 in Miami, she lives and works in New York. Solo presentations of her works include Meet Me at the Horizon Line, Mondocane Gallery in New York and NY, Founders at Forum Gallery in Michigan and Thumbs Up Machine at Public Fiction Gallery in Los Angeles. This is the first time she exhibits in Europe.


La chose encadrée is curated by Camille le Houezec & Joey Villemont.

La chose encadrée is supported by Glasgow International.

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Courtesy of SWG3 Gallery, Glasgow


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